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What We Do

The Board of Directors adopted the following mission statement:

The South Conway County Public School Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance and improve educational opportunities in the interest of raising the level of excellence throughout the South Conway County Public School System.

The Foundation is operated by volunteers, as a "labor of love," with no paid staff. Expenses to run the Foundation are extremely low allowing almost all money raised to be used for resources in the schools.

Some examples of support given to the district are: the purchase of classroom computers, software and other information-age equipment, books to improve student reading and math skills, and library holdings.

We also provide mini-grants requested by teachers, and administer a number of college scholarship funds without charge. For a list click here

Funds raised by the Foundation must be exclusively for purposes stated and are not intended as a substitute for state or local funding for operational purposes.

Race to the Future 2022.
Fundraising Campaign
August 1 through September 21

Funds raised will support two new STEAM initiatives and the Morrilton High School Excellence Program

Online Giving Now Available!
Simply click on Online Giving from the menu bar below.
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